Youth Ministry

Youth are the future and the present of our churches. The CLB seeks to unleash our youth to be leaders in our churches and denomination. We stay in touch with youth workers throughout the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, supporting, encouraging and resourcing our youth leaders and pastors.

ELEVATE Youth Convention

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PRAYERS! Enjoy the highlight video below.

Rev. Mark Johannesen

CLB Youth Ministries Communications

My primary calling is to serve as associate pastor at True Life Church in Rochester, MN. I am no expert, but I love teens and hope to pass on my years of experience to the youth workers of the CLB. In addition I serve the CLBA as the Youth Ministries Communications point person.
I stay in touch with youth workers throughout the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, and do my best to share information that I gain from those conversations results here at and our Youth Workers Facebook Group.


ORANGE Conference '24

A conference for your entire family ministry team.
  • The cost of the conference is covered for the first 14 people to sign up!

Youth Ministry Mentors

Veteran youth workers are ready to come alongside your youth leader and/or congregation to strengthen your ministry.

Churches Helping Churches

Would you benefit from the help of a team or want to send a team to serve another church?
Contact Rev. Mark Johannesen
Ph: (507) 665-6393

Employment Opportunities

Youth Ministry related employment opportunities.

2024 Elevate - Youth Convention

Find out all about the next Elevate Youth Convention and register to attend.

Jonathan McKee - Videos

Watch the video of our Youth Ministry Training Sessions from the 2022 CLB Convention.