Women's Ministries

We are committed to seeking God’s direction and trusting that He will establish our path.

Women's Ministries of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren (WMCLB) is a ministry of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. The purpose of this organization is to encourage women in:
  • Studying the Bible, individually and in groups, thereby growing in faith;
  • Supporting the Mission of the CLB in North America and internationally, in prayer, participation, and giving;
  • Serving our Neighbors where we live and work and pointing them to Christ;
  • Sharing our Lives, as sisters in Christ, with each other and with those who don't know Him.

Podcast - Beautifully Woven

A Podcast by Women's Ministries of the CLB

God faithfully weaves a beautiful tapestry as he forms us individually and together as His Church. We will share our beautiful, messy stories in practical ways to encourage you in ministry.

Monthly Newsletter & Devotional

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Each month, one of our CLB women will be writing a devotional that we will be sharing with you!  May the Lord use this to encourage you and bring us together in His Word.

2022 Convention

Day of Equipping

We enjoyed our day together on the Day of Equipping at the CLB Biennial Convention. For those who were not able to make it, the speakers are available to watch on facebook or youtube.