2024 Biennial Convention

June 8-11, 2024

Now that the convention is over, please watch this page for all the resources that will be made available to you.
Seminars, sermons, and more will be posted here for you to use for you and your congregation.

Partner in Mission

The theme for our 2024 convention is “Partner in Mission.” Why? Continuing to build on the CLB’s Disciple-Making Church vision, we want to dig into one of the four senior objectives during the 2024 convention. “Call to Follow” was covered by the last convention, as it is the foundation, as well as the launch pad, to accomplish our other objectives. Partnership is also the way God decided to do things: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations... And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matt. 18b,20b).  God, though omnipotent, omniscient, and the creator of all things, has chosen to partner with us to accomplish his mission. He is with us always, as we are sent out together to make disciples of all nations.

Resources for You

CLB Monthly

In an effort to keep all of us updated on what God is doing through you, our local congregations, our missionaries, and our seminary, the CLB provides a resource pack called “CLB Monthly.” It includes slides, social media graphics, paragraph descriptions, prayer requests, and photos to use as you see fit.

Seminars & Cohorts

With the technology available to us nowadays, along with access to our gifted professors and pastors of the CLB, why not continue our seminars and workshops beyond our biennial convention? Check out Zoom seminars about lay-preaching, biblical interpretation, and church constitution check-up.

Convention Seminars

All the biennial convention seminars will be recorded and available here, once they are edited and ready for download.
Check back later for access to the files.

Customized Media for You

Easter, Fall Kickoff, and Christmas are all opportunities to invite your community to your church. What if your graphics, media, and printed materials were all designed and customized for you? Sign up to show your interest, gearing up for this Fall.

Ministry Snapshots

Pastors and church leaders share how they are partnering with their communities, other churches, and organizations to care for their communities and share the gospel. From serving coffee at a community event to caring for foster families, watch these short videos and be encouraged and inspired. 

The Glimpse Project

International Mission released this video series to show the work that our missionaries are doing in Chad, Taiwan, and Japan. The Chad series has been available for a few years. Both Taiwan and Japan were just released in May! Discussion guides are also available for the Taiwan and Japan videos, with Chad coming soon!

Convention Speakers

President Paul Larson

"Partner in the Gospel"
Philippians 1:1-5

Rev. Alan Johnson

"Partner in Confidence"
Philippians 1:6

Dr. Eugene Boe

"Partner in Suffering"
Philippians 1:7-8

Rev. Mike Edwards

"Partner in Mission"
Philippians 1:7,9-11

Meet the International Presidents


The Lutheran Brethren presidents from Japan, Taiwan, and Chad joined us for our 2024 Biennial Convention. On Sunday evening, these three presidents sat down with President Paul Larson to talk about disciple-making in their own context and how we can continue to partner in mission as international church bodies, as a Disciple-Making Church.

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Day of Equipping - SATURDAY, JUNE 8

This day is set aside for continuing education and our Women's Ministries Convention.

Note: The convention did not have permission to record the workshop tracks this year.
Bethel Lutheran Church

Rev. Greg Finke


  • Overcoming Fears, resistance and the 'Uncomfort Zones' of Your People
  • Disciple Making - What Your People Need from Their Leaders
Lutheran Brethren Seminary

Dr. Sean McDowell


  • Understanding and Reaching Generation Z
  • Chasing Love
  • Engaging the LGBTQ Conversation
  • The Worldview Behind Transgenderism

2024 WMCLB Convention

Bethel Lutheran Church, Fergus Falls, MN

Day of Community - SUNDAY, JUNE 9

Sunday starts with worship with Good Shepherd Lutheran Brethren Church, followed by a free lunch at Bethel Lutheran Church, including activities and games for all ages.

Day of Community Schedule:

9:30 - Pre-Service Prayer
10:00 - Worship @ Good Shepherd - "Partner in Confidence"
11:30-12:30 - Lunch Served @ HLA Football Field
12:30-4:00 - Activities, Kubb Tournament (sign up below), Dunk Tank, Bounce Houses @ HLA Football Field
4:00 - Dinner on your own
6:00 - Pre-Service Prayer
6:30 - "Partner in Disciple Making" LB International Presidents Conversation
8:00 - Dessert Reception

Day of Ownership - MONDAY, JUNE 10

Monday includes convention business, including the Statement on Human Persons and Sexuality. Two blocks of breakout workshops will including seminars related to the convention theme of Partnership and more. The day also includes morning and evening worship services.

Statement on Human Persons and Sexuality

One item of business is presenting for approval the “Statement on Human Persons and Sexuality,” a draft of which was presented and discussed at the 2022 Biennial Convention. The final paper that will be brought before this convention was refined by feedback from that 2022 discussion, along with feedback from the Fall Conference at Lutheran Brethren Seminary and private conversations with key individuals.
Note: The video of the Mission Team Panel Discussion is coming soon.

Day of Resolve - TUESDAY, JUNE 11

Tuesday includes the final business session and reports, and closes with a devotional and communion service. The convention usually adjourns around 1:00 pm.

We are a Disciple-Making Church