Convention Seminars

The following were the seminars offered during the 2024 Biennial Convention.

Gospel Conversations Across Generations

Rev. Brian Quade with the panel from Bethesda LB Church, Eau Claire, WI
How can we provide opportunities for younger generations to learn wisdom and enduring faith from those older than them and for older Christians to be strengthened, energized, and enriched by those who are younger? There are great benefits to our stage-of-life models for disciple-making. Yet we want to explore ways to enrich our disciple-making with conversations and experiences across generations. In this seminar, an intergenerational panel will share insights and personal experiences for how disciple-making congregations can engage, encourage, learn from, and care for one another.

Being a Disciple-Making Church in a Rapidly Changing Culture

Dr. Joel Christenson, Lutheran Brethren Seminary
We have a rich history of mission and ministry in the CLB. However, the culture and context into which God has called us to make disciples is changing rapidly. How can we, as the CLB, better love and minister to unchurched people in our communities? How can we care for and engage in compassionate conversations with people we might not understand? How do we, for the sake of the Gospel, move beyond our own cultural comfort zones to become “salt and light” to the spiritually lost people all around us? Come explore how we can navigate the change from our churches being the center of life in our communities to being mission outposts, and how we keep that mission mindset in our current cultural and political climate.

The Role of Holistic Ministry in Disciple-Making

Dan Venberg, Director of International Mission
A Biblical and historical perspective on the place, purpose, and value of holistic ministry (ministering to the whole person) in the Great Commission.

Joining Jesus as a Family

Rev. Bruce Stumbo & Rev. Rich Iverson
This seminar will explore how families can grow together as part of God’s mission.
Rev. Bruce Stumbo is a retired pastor serving North American Mission.
Rev. Rich Iverson serves as Pastoral Care Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church, Fergus Falls, MN

Christ-Centered Worship

Joel Erickson, Good Shepherd LB Church, Fergus Falls, MN
As you plan worship services, what criteria do you use to choose what your congregation sings? With so many options available, it can be a daunting task. How can pastors, elders, worship leaders, and musicians help steer their congregations toward meaningful and Biblical worship services? Join us for this seminar that will give a theological framework and practical steps for planning Christ-centered worship!
PLEASE NOTE: The sound did not record well for this video. We apologize for the poor quality.