Ruth Edlund Passes Away

Ruth Edlund, 88, of Ashby, MN, passed away peacefully on March 10, 2024. Ruth was commissioned to go to Sudan (present day Cameroon) on August 23, 1959, following in the footsteps of her sister, Orpha Raun (and husband Don) only eight months prior. Ruth served as a nurse. She did her language studies in France and settled into Yagoua, Cameroon in 1960 at the Martha Adaire Erickson Hospital. There were days when, at the opening of the hospital in the morning, there were 60 people waiting to be seen! Ruth and the other nurses worked hard against the forces of evil, trying to heal people who believed in the practices of witch doctors. Ruth stayed in Cameroon until 1966 when she returned to the United States to continue nursing. After returning to the United States, she married Vernon and had three children.

Blessed be the memory of Ruth (Klukken) Edlund.

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