50 Attend Exponential Orlando

Discipleship, discipleship, discipleship. Over and over the speakers at the Exponential Conference in Orlando, Florida, pounded that word and its meaning into the heads and hearts of the conference attendees. A group of 50 pastors and lay-leaders from Church of the Lutheran Brethren (CLB) congregations who attended the conference (March 5-7, 2024) processed, together, what they were learning between worship sessions and workshops. They also enjoyed dinner together on Tuesday evening while sharing what God is doing through the churches and shared ministries of the CLB. Pastor Matt Schweitzer (Emmaus Road, Dewitt, IA) shared, “Exponential has been a piece of the puzzle of God moving and shaping our lay-leaders!” Other pastors also brought a group of lay-leaders to learn and grow as part of their local church, reaching their communities with the gospel.

North American Mission is inviting you to attend next year!

Interested? Contact Rev. Brandon Pangman:
bpangman@clba.org / (218)739-3336

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