ORANGE Conference '24

The Orange Conference describes itself as "a conference for your entire family ministry team." The website states: Join thousands of family ministry leaders in Atlanta for a unique 3-day experience where you’ll connect with peers, learn from thought leaders and practitioners, and align your team around a unified strategy. (Visit the website HERE)
2023 attendee, Karyn Petric, writes about her experience.
The CLB is paying the registration costs for the first 14 youth workers who register for the Orange Conference by October 20.
ORANGE website:

Dates: April 23-25, 2024

Cost: The CLB is paying the registration costs for the first 14 youth workers who register by October 20.
  • This is a limited offer to one person per church. More can attend the conference, but the CLB will only cover the tuition of first person from your church. (If tickets remain after November 1, we will offer them to churches who are attending the conference to invite additional persons)
  • If your church is willing to pay for the registration costs, this is most welcomed.

  • We will also cover a portion of the cost of lodging. The amount will be determined after we finalize the number of participants and overall cost of lodging. 
  • Each region is being asked to help offset this cost.

Additional costs to the local church:
  • Transportation to Atlanta
  • Sharing costs of rental cars if needed
  • Meals

To register by taking advantage of the 14 CLB registrations:
  • Send a $50 check as a deposit (Check will not be cashed unless you back out)
  • Mail to:
    Mark Johannesen
    True Life Church
    2204 22nd St NW
    Rochester, MN 55901

Orange Conference 2023 Highlights

CLB Highlights from Orange Conference 2023

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