Lincoln Church & Community Center - Lincoln, ND

Apr 20, 2023    Carl Juhl, Emily Juhl

As you can tell, Carl and Emily Juhl are connecting with the young families of Lincoln, ND!

Carl and Emily are serving Lincoln, ND as they plant a church. The future church building will also be used as a community center for a new and growing community without many options for gathering spaces. As a bedroom community of Bismarck, ND, most activities and events happen outside Lincoln. The weekly, Wednesday "Kids Camp" has been a very popular ministry, started by Grace LB Church in Bismarck several years ago. As you see (and hear) in this video update, Carl and Emily will also be hosting periodic events to gather families together with the opportunity to meet the parents, as well. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to build a core group for their church plant and as they continue to develop relationships with the people of Lincoln.