LBIM Global Retreat 2023

The 2023 LBIM global retreat is underway!
Our missionaries from Chad, Japan, and Taiwan have gathered together at one venue in Chiangmai, Thailand, for a week of fellowship, worship, prayer, rest, renewal, and play.
It is such a blessing to hear the conversations, to observe the play of our missionary kids, to worship our Lord together as a diverse yet unified group of people called to serve in our Lord’s mission.
We come from different cultural backgrounds. We have different back stories. Some are veterans. Some are in the preparation phase before deployment to the “field”. Some are retiring this year from the “field”. Some are here in a support role, providing care to our missionary families.
We are a diverse group. Yet we are unified in our identity in Christ, and our calling to share the Gospel of Christ among the nations.
Thank you Church of the Lutheran Brethren, for your support of this mission!
I am so grateful!

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