A Global Gathering - LBIM

Lutheran Brethren International Mission (LBIM) missionaries serve around the world in contexts that differ greatly from their home cultures. They navigate life in a different language, often in an area with minimal Christian community. For these reasons and more, the life of a cross-cultural missionary family can feel lonely and isolated, leading to discouragement, burn-out, and a myriad of issues that negatively affect ministry. Intentional rest, renewal, and spiritual care are vital for long-term health and productivity.

This is why LBIM has devoted resources and attention to missionary care ministry. This year, we want to take missionary care to a new level. LBIM is planning to facilitate, for the first time, a global LBIM missionary retreat, where all our missionaries will come together for fellowship, worship, and rest. This will be a worthwhile investment into the long-term emotional and spiritual health of our missionary families across the globe.

Plans are in place to host the retreat later this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand. LBIM’s missionary care couples (Joel and Liz Christenson, and Chris and Suzanne Priestaf) will provide spiritual care. A children and youth team from Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church (Moorhead, MN and Fargo, ND) will provide ministry for our precious MKs (Missionary Kids). Rachel Roy, worship leader at Mount Bethel LBC (Mount Bethel, PA), will lead worship. Rest and renewal will be the top priority.

There is a cost to making this happen. Several donors have already contributed to this effort. More funds are needed. The cost of this retreat is not factored into the CLBA’s contribution budget, so we are asking donors who contribute to this retreat to do so in a way that does not affect what they would normally contribute to the CLBA ministry budget. Would you consider a gift above and beyond your regular giving to help make this retreat happen? Gifts can be made to LBIM, designated “LBIM Global Retreat.” If you have any questions, you are welcome to email Dan Venberg, LBIM director, dvenberg@lbim.org, or call the LBIM office at (218) 739-3336.

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