Seminary Class of 2023

Let's hear from each of our Lutheran Brethren Seminary 2023 graduates.
MARCUS GOODMAN, Master of Theological Studies
When I first felt confirmed in a call to attend Lutheran Brethren Seminary, I thought I’d learn to know and love God more through the experience, so that Kim and I could join God on his mission to evangelize the world. Now, as I complete a Master of Theological Studies, I can say that has happened, and so much more. I’ve learned to be completely dependent on the Word of God for all aspects of faith and life. I’ve learned to be dependent on the community of believers where we are placed. I’ve learned it’s OK to need and totally depend on Jesus. As Kim and I transition into the next season, we will continue to rely on God’s Word to lead, encourage, and shape our journey of faith together. Right now, we sense our call is to disciple others in the everyday stuff of life. We thank you all greatly for your prayers.
JOSH GRABER, Master of Divinity
Those the Lord calls, he also equips. This is certainly true for me. After God called me to attend Seminary, I was unsure how his calling would come to fruition, considering our family’s very limited financial situation. Yet God made a way where there seemingly was no way. He moved me, my wife Susie, and our four young children from Washington state to North Dakota, where I had received and accepted a call to serve as pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Cooperstown. It was during this time that I also began attending Lutheran Brethren Seminary as a half-time student. Along this journey I have come to a greater understanding of God’s infinite power and unending goodness to supply our every need and, by his grace, to fully satisfy his perfect plan and purpose in us and through us. It is my joy and privilege to continue serving him in pastoral ministry, now more sufficiently equipped than ever before as a result of the biblical training provided by LBS.
CARL JUHL, Master of Divinity
My time at LBS has been a rich experience and has given me a greater appreciation for the gift of God’s Word. I found that the more I studied Scripture, the more I found in it. It is as though I have been looking at a painting my whole life and have admired its beauty. Through my time in Seminary, I have begun to look at this painting through a magnifying lens and come to realize that every brush stroke has purpose and meaning. I do not see my graduation from LBS as a completion of my study of Scripture, but just the beginning. As I continue with this lifelong gift of studying Scripture, my wife and I are excited to be able to share the gift with others. We have accepted the call to be church planters in Lincoln, North Dakota, and are eager to share this gift with everyone we meet here.
ROGER LARSON, Certificate of Theological Studies
I am a semi-retired psychologist and have been married to Nancy for 31 years. We are blessed with four sons, one daughter, a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, one granddaughter, and one grandson. As a child, I was nurtured in the faith at home and in Grace Lutheran Brethren Church in Bottineau, North Dakota. I was blessed to have loving grandparents who helped me develop a caring for older people. I felt called to Seminary to prepare for spiritual care ministry to older adults. I have been challenged and blessed by the classes, professors, and fellow students. I am thankful for growing in ways that will help me provide spiritual care to older adults. I have even preached a few sermons—something I never thought I would do! I am serving as an elder at Grace Lutheran Brethren Church in Bismarck, ND and providing spiritual care to older adults as a volunteer at Benedictine Living Community, as well as through my local church.
NATE NASH, Master of Divinity
I’ve had a very unique seminary experience! I first started at Lutheran Brethren Seminary in 2009. Since then I’ve had to stop and restart Seminary a number of times, as I walked with my wife Emily through cancer and her passing in 2019. Despite the hardships, God has been gracious and good to me beyond what I deserve. I am blessed to be married again to my incredible wife Cherie, and together we have six children: David, Piper, Emilio, Oliver, Abrielle, and Freyja. Over the last 14 years, I’ve been chipping away at my Master of Divinity at a distance, while serving churches in North Dakota, Illinois, and currently at Messiah Lutheran in Underwood, Minnesota. LBS has been foundational in shaping my experiences while serving in pastoral ministry. I look forward to wherever God will lead me in the next chapters of life and ministry.
JEREMY OSTERWALDER, Master of Theological Studies
Since my introduction to the fellowship of the Lutheran Brethren, God has used our denomination to develop my heart for ministry, encourage my spiritual gifts and deepen my understanding of God’s Word and its application. The time I have spent at LBS these past years has been influential in furthering my development in each of these areas. By God’s grace I am better equipped to serve the body of Christ and share the gospel with those in my life. I have appreciated the kinship (brotherhood) with fellow Ministers of the Gospel and the mutual edification I have experienced. I am blessed to feel at home in our Church body. Completing seminary studies while serving in the role of a shepherd at Resurrection LB Church (Camrose, Alberta, Canada), I have had opportunity to be active in ministry and simultaneously apply classroom learning every day. I am excited to now give full-time focus to ministry work and passing the blessings I have received on to others.
ERIC REESE, Master of Divinity
When I was a teenager, I had a general sense that I wanted to work in the tech industry, but in the years following confirmation I discovered a growing passion for theology and biblical study. As my high school graduation approached, I began to receive encouragement to consider pastoral ministry. Seven years and a child later, my family and I moved from Southwest Florida to Fergus Falls to attend Seminary. Studying at LBS has been an enriching experience, where I have been blessed with professors who prioritize proclaiming the Word and instilling the importance of letting Scripture guide one’s study. During my time at Seminary, my understanding of my calling to ministry has become more apparent. At present, my family and I have decided to continue living in Fergus Falls, where I serve as an associate pastor at Stavanger Lutheran Church. I am eager to see where God’s call to ministry will lead me in the future.
BEAU SIBUMA, Certificate of Theological Studies
When I was about 9, I was invited to a Wednesday night church program, and then when I was old enough, to youth group. I went because I heard there were girls and food. But as time went on, I heard more of God’s Word and it started making sense, more and more. I started becoming more involved with church activities, V.B.S, Bible Camp, and Human Videos. Bible Camp was very influential, it was a great place to hear God and be in fellowship with other likeminded people. Dr. Veum found me at camp, and wouldn’t let up until I came to Seminary. I told him, “Keep bugging me, and one day I’ll say yes.” After 15 years of meeting with him, I was finally ready. God taught me patience all through this time. I wasn’t ready in my younger years. I would have lost interest. As soon as I got into class at Seminary, it was an awakening that I didn’t expect. Throughout my time in Seminary, I really learned a lot about missional outreach. I found that I loved it and was already doing it in my own community. A huge thanks to the professors who guided me through, and taught me a different way of reading, learning, teaching, and sharing the news of God’s kingdom.
MARK UNDSETH, Certificate of Theological Studies
My wife Sarah and I have been married for a little over two years. This past year we were delighted to welcome Diana, our firstborn, into our lives. In addition to parenting my small family, I take care of a larger one at the Hillcrest Academy boys’ residence hall, where I have been on staff for the last four years. My family and I are called to international missions. In the coming years, we hope to join the LBIM team in Japan. Before moving to Asia, the three of us will be trekking to Brazil for six months. We hope to adapt to the different environment, tackle a new language, learn from some missionaries there, and embrace the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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