Ask the Animals Devotional Published

"Ask the Animals" is a brand new 31 chapter devotional by Dan Venberg, Director of International Mission. He writes in his introduction, "My love for God's creation and what it can teach us is the primary reason for writing this. A secondary motivation is perhaps more sobering. We live ina world tainted by sin. Creation groans under the environmental and social decay it has been subjected to since the Fall. But redemption is coming!"
(All profits will go to fund general ministries. Also available on Amazon and directly from Dan Venberg)

Each devotional highlights a different animal, all either found in Chad or Costa Rica, two of Dan's favorite countries in the world. All photos were taken by Dan and the artwork was created by his daughter Sylvia. We gaurantee you will learn something new as you read each devotional, while being reminded of the creativity and power of our God who lovingly and carefully created you!

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