The Joseph Project

Women Together is the tagline for the Women’s Ministries of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren (WMCLB) vision and values statements that were formed this past year. This has also been fitting for this year’s WMCLB focus project, which supports a group of women meeting the physical needs of their families and community all the way across the ocean from us in Chad, Africa.

The focus project is called The Joseph Project. It is focused on the community of Hille-Allah, a Bilala village where a Chadian missionary partner has been working with a women’s agricultural cooperative in the community. This relationship is not only benefiting the community as a whole, but it serves as a powerful platform by which the gospel is being heard. The agricultural cooperative needed a new storage facility to continue their work of gathering and storing grain for their community. The previous buildings sorely need replacement, as they were no longer able to keep the grain dry and safe. Plans were made to build a new storage facility, measuring 20 feet by 33 feet, with solid concrete floors and walls, iron trusses, tin roof, windows for ventilation, and a solid door for security purposes. This building will protect the grain from weather, rodents, livestock, and theft. The cost for this structure is $12,000, and work was begun as soon as WMCLB approved this gift. We are excited to share the news that it is now finished and ready to use! The picture here is of the women standing outside the new facility.

The timing of completion of the new facility is amazing, as there was major flooding this year that will affect their crops. The facility will be a dry, safe place for the community’s grain storage. God’s attention to detail and timing as he cares for people and uses us in his mission is always perfect!

We are blessed with the opportunity as women together here to support women together working in Chad. While these women care for their neighbors, they do not yet know our Lord and Savior. We believe that this ministry will not only bless the community in terms of food security, but will also serve to further the sharing of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in this village. We are excited to be able to address this physical need and also to be praying that God will open their hearts and meet their spiritual need of a Savior!

Will you pray along with us for those sharing Christ and for those hearing the message, that their hearts would be receptive to God’s love and forgiveness extended to them?

This project and others like it are only made possible with your faithful support in giving to the WMCLB. Thank you for your gifts and prayers!

If you would like to consider giving to the WMCLB, please go to our website, for more information.

Karen Stenberg is Co-Director of Women’s Ministries of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren.

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