Genesis, Ruth, Jonah and John Translated into Bagirmi

We are praising the Lord that the books of Genesis, Ruth, Jonah, and the Gospel of John are now translated into the Barma language and in print for the first time for the Bagirmi people of Chad. These are now added to the growing volume that includes Exodus and the Gospel of Mark. The Gospel of Luke is currently in process.

By the grace of God, this has been a collective effort by LBIM missionary Nathanael, working together with a couple of Bagirmi believers, and in partnership with a South Korean missionary and SIL International.

Thank you for praying that as these scriptures get into the hands of the Bagirmi people, that the Word of God read and heard in their heart language will have far reaching impact for the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your support of the disciple making ministries of the CLB around the world!

Dan Venberg
Director of Lutheran Brethren International Mission
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