Kittelsons Retire

After 35 years of faithful missionary service in Taiwan, Michael and Delores Kittelson will be retiring from the field. They will be returning to the United States in December of this year, and will remain on LBIM support through next summer, speaking in churches, visiting with supporters, and transitioning to life in the States.

The Kittelsons first moved to Taiwan in 1987. Fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and the Hakka language, they have invested in decades of fruitful ministry, primarily focused on sharing the gospel among the Hakka, a people group in Taiwan that that make up close to a quarter of the island’s population, but among whom less than 1% are evangelical Christian.

Michael and Delores have partnered closely with the national Chinese Lutheran Brethren Church, to develop ministries that are focused on reaching the Hakka for Christ. For the past 18 years, they have specifically been partnering in ministry with the Victory LB churches in Hsinchu and Bau Shan. These ministries have included worship and bible studies, and relational evangelism. One of their powerful ministry platforms has come through their respective musical giftings, as they have learned how to play traditional Hakka instruments, and have written songs, and proclaimed the gospel through Hakka music.

LBIM is so grateful for the Kittelsons heritage of faithfulness in our Lord’s mission in Taiwan. Please be in prayer for the Kittelsons as they:
  • bring closure to their field ministry, and work with the national Church to see it continue as an intentional ministry.
  • say goodbye over the next months to the many relationships they have developed over the years.
  • navigate all the logistics of packing, sorting, making decisions on where to live in the States, home, vehicle, etc.
  • transition back to life in the States, visit supporting congregations, friends, and family. 

Thank you for your prayers, and for your ongoing support of the mission of LBIM in Taiwan and around the world.

Dan Venberg
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