New WMCLB Co-Director

Hi! My name is Karen Stenberg. I have been on the WMCLB Leadership team as the Secretary and am now excited to move into the role of Co-Director of Women’s Ministries with Barbara Heggland! I just want to share with you a little bit about myself and my heart for women.
I currently live in Bergenfield, New Jersey, where my husband pastors Calvary Church. Daniel and I have six boys ranging in age from twelve to one year old. Yes! Our house is busy and loud! But it is also a lot of fun, and on the days when it gets overwhelming, it’s just another reminder that God’s grace is sufficient for me!

I’m originally from Olympia, Washington, but I have lived in a few different places including North Tonawanda, New York; Calgary, Alberta; Fergus Falls, Minnesota; and now Bergenfield, New Jersey.

My heart’s desire is to see women connecting with each other, through meaningful relationship, God’s Word, and prayer.

Women in community with each other and the Lord is something God continues to put on my heart. The women in my life have been such an encouragement to me. Women have prayed, laughed, cried, brought meals, listened, shared Scripture with, and challenged me. When I faced the difficulties of being a young newlywed, when I struggled at a new job, when I was a lonely young mom with babies, and more times than I can count, the encouragement from women in the church communities has been such a blessing to me. We all have our own unique struggles, challenges, and victories in each stage of life. Being vulnerable with each other and being able to share how God is working in those places in our lives is so valuable.

I’m excited about the training up of women leaders. Women are vital in supporting, volunteering, and leading. But even if we have a passion for volunteering in our community, leading a small group, or opening our homes to share a meal, we may not know where to get started. Maybe our insecurities keep us from believing God can use us. I’ve been there! Sometimes I am still there! But this is another area where I know God is at work, and I am excited to see where God leads as we seek to encourage women in their gifts.

I also long to see women connect with God’s Word in their everyday life. Whether life seems a monotonous trudge or you find yourself in deep hurt, God’s Word is for you. There are times when it can feel dry or confusing, or we don’t know where to begin. I long for women to see how God’s love and grace are written for them throughout Scripture. When our worlds seem to be going off the rails, God’s Word is the truth that we stand on.

I could share more with you, and I will, as we focus on connecting women through the Word, and just doing life together, here in the CLB!

Karen Stenberg is Co-Director of Women’s Ministries of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren.

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