No one lives in such solitude that God has not entrusted to him or her the responsibility for someone else.

He leads people into our lives. One day we will have to give an account for them. Many try to isolate themselves so that they may evade responsibility for others. But the responsibility remains.

You are responsible for those in your home, your circle of friends, your county, state, nation, and the millions of unbelievers. God has placed you as a watchman for these.

This responsibility should drive you to God. It will give you a part in the fellowship of his suffering so that one day you may also have a part in his glory.

The responsibility will drive you to your knees. He who assumes the responsibility will wrestle with God in prayer. Are you one who will shine the light of Christ in this world? Pray that God might make you an instrument he can use.

Hans Edvard Wisløff (1902—1969) was a Norwegian theologian and writer. He was also the Bishop of the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland from 1959 until his death in 1969.

Wisløff, H.E., Quiet Moments on the Way Home. Fergus Falls, MN: Faith & Fellowship Press, 1993.

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