Western Region


The Western Region of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren is a group of congregations in the states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We have 21 churches in these four states and another that has applied for membership in the CLB..

More than half of the congregations are in North Dakota. One of the biggest issues in these churches is the vast distance between them with some being more than 200 miles from the next CLB congregation. This puts limits on how often these churches and pastors can get together. Another issue is that of the shrinking of rural America. Some of the small towns in these areas are shrinking as the farms grow larger. This has been offset lately with the drilling of oil wells in western North Dakota and eastern Montana. Half of the congregations in this region would be small town or rural congregations with most of the rest being in communities of 100,000 or fewer. This sets us apart from much of America.

For the most part ministry in this area still reflects traditional church ministry in America. That is changing as our culture continues to change, but those cultural changes come slower to rural and mid-America than to the major cities and coasts. There are in most of these congregations a self-reliance and strong sense of family that makes them very stable and strong. The congregations of this region seek to bring Jesus Christ to their neighbors while building a strong foundation of faith in those who already come.


Western Regional Pastor

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Taking Up the Cross of Ministry

Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me" (Mark 8:34). Harsh words? Strong words, yes. But harsh words? Three former Lutheran Brethren Seminary students faced that question as they followed Christ into...

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Faith Alone: Rock Bottom

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YC17: Break Every Chain

I love being part of the CLB Youth Convention. The first day might be my favorite as everyone starts to ascend upon Estes Park, Colorado. Leaders come in and register their students. Group by group, student by student, the chairs start to fill up in the auditorium....

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YC17: We Need It

There were heavy sighs resounding around me as we learned that once again, there had been a mistake with our hotel rooms. After a twenty-minute wait, we dragged our over-packed suitcases down the hall and flopped onto our beds, dropping our things into a heap on the...

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YC17: Why We Do It

Why do we do it? Why does the Church of the Lutheran Brethren—you!—invest time and money into a national convention for youth? As the Regional Pastor representing the work of North American Mission with the Youth Convention (YC), I needed to answer that. Is it worth...

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LBS 2017 Graduates

https://vimeo.com/218036195 KRISTIAN ANDERSON: Kristian grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Sayville, NY during his junior year of high school and graduated from Sayville High School. He went on to study History and Political Science at Wagner College, and then...

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2016-17 Fiscal Year End Update

Dear CLB Partner in Ministry, We come to the end of our fiscal year this weekend, and I am both grateful and hopeful for the mission of the Gospel which God has entrusted to us. I am grateful that God has deposited in us a rich gift in our theology of grace and the...

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February 2017 Contribution Report

https://vimeo.com/202841191Hi, this is LaWayne Rogness, Director of Finance and Personnel for the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, and I would like to share with you this brief update on our 2016-17 contribution goals.We started our Fiscal Year in May of 2016 very...

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