Volunteer Missionary Help [Hosch Family]

Overview: This is an exciting opportunity to help our missionary family on the field, to volunteer with a local ministry, in order to experience a new culture and cultivate a heart for the mission field around the world. The main objective is to help our family with our day to day schedule as we focus on learning Chinese and continue to acclimate to our new culture, and to volunteer with a local ministry.


  1. Childcare:
    1. Picking up children from school.
    2. Taking care of younger children during language classes.
    3. Childcare during monthly and/or other ministry meetings.
    4. Childcare during occasional appointments.
    5. Occasional childcare in the evenings to allow missionaries to have language practice.
    6. May include childcare during conferences and retreats. (This would involve travelling with the family.)
  2. Housekeeping:
    1. Washing, folding, putting away children’s laundry.
    2. Washing dishes.
    3. Vacuuming and/or other light housekeeping.
    4. Help with meal preparation and/or clean-up; and occasional cooking when necessary.
  3. Errands:
    1. Assist with grocery shopping.
    2. Other occasional errands, when necessary.
  4. Local Ministry:
    1. Volunteer with a ministry at a local church 4-8 hours a week.

Things to consider:

  • The plan is to apply for a visa through the Taiwan Missionary Fellowship Volunteer Resident Visa Program. Both the candidate and the mission must fulfill the requirements set down by TMF to obtain this visa. We are asking for at least a 10-12-month commitment through this program. Among the requirements is you are required by TMF to purchase some accident insurance to cover expenses when an accident happens. After six months you are required by Taiwan to enter Taiwan’s National Health Insurance program. You can purchase an International Driving Permit through AAA in the US and have it verified by the Motor Vehicle Office in Taiwan. The IDP will be valid for 1 year and legally function as a Taiwan driver’s license. We will make all the necessary preparations for you.
  • You would have a private living arrangement at the China Lutheran Seminary near our family. When you are on-duty lunch and supper meals are provided by our family. You are not required to be with us all the time (see attached schedule); however, our home is always open to you. We want to give you the opportunity during your free time to enjoy Taiwanese culture and build relationships with others. The program through TMF also requires committing to 4-8 hours a week doing volunteer ministry with a local Taiwanese church. We would help you find a local church to call your home church in Taiwan.

Proposed Schedule

Daily Schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
8am-11am: Childcare, housekeeping, errands, meal help
1pm-4:30pm: Picking up children from school, help with children after school

Daily Schedule (Tuesday, Thursday)
9am-11am: Childcare, housekeeping, errands, meal help
1pm-4:30pm: Picking up children from school, help with children after school

(During the break from 11am-1pm, feel free to take a break and eat lunch on your own, or you are welcome to have lunch with us. We would like to host you for a meal each day, either lunch or in the evening.)

The weekly schedule comes to 35.5 hrs/week, which includes 4-8 hours a week working with local ministry in order to comply with the TMF volunteer program. Depending on the ministry you choose to work with while here in Taiwan we will work out a schedule for those hours. We do have monthly ministry and coworkers’ meetings that may require a longer amount of time with children. This proposed schedule may be subject to change as language class times may change as well.

Cost and Stipend

The mission will cover the cost of housing at China Lutheran Seminary, the TMF volunteer visa service fee, TMF membership fee, alien registration certificate (ARC) fee, cost of pictures for ARC and/or other documents, and any travel costs for ministry purposes. You will be paid a monthly stipend of US$500.

The funds a candidate has to raise include:

Plane Ticket:  $1500
Passport fee:  $145
Visa fee:  $132
Criminal background clearance:  $32
Insurance in Taiwan:  $667
Taiwan National Health Insurance (after 6 months):  $149.20
International Driving Permit (AAA): $60
Incidentals: $314.80

Total funds to raise:  $3000

Please contact LBIM-Taiwan at Ethan Christofferson at [email protected] for further information or to apply.

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Contribution Update Oct. 2017