Norfolk, VA – President Paul Larson

I had a memorable and eyeopening trip to DC earlier in January. First, I had the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend and seminary classmate, Carl Koch(no Carl, I didn’t just call you old, just our friendship!) Carl is a Navy chaplain (Commander) on the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, based in Norfolk, VA. Thank you my brother, Carl, for taking off a couple days to pour into me understanding from your career as a chaplain serving both God and country. I was privileged and grateful also that Carl arranged an hour with the very hospitable Commander Stephen Lee (Naval Air Forces Atlantic Fleet Chaplain), a friend of Carl’s & another chaplain whose love for the Lord and this critical ministry of military chaplaincy was plainly evident. Carl also got clearance for us to have a tour of the USS H.W. Bush carrier — an incredible spectacle and privilege to be on this ‘floating city’ (with a contingency of 5000 sailors when deployed)! Great to catch up with this friend; grateful for the hours of conversation about ministry and life. Thanks Carl!

Following these couple days in Norfolk, I had the privilege of taking in two conferences in Alexandria, VA, for chaplaincy endorsing officials. There is a world of ministry in military chaplaincy that I am just coming to know as the new endorser for CLB (& AFLC) chaplains. It gave me great respect and appreciation for our chaplains, for the way they serve us and our armed forces, for the way they persistently advance the Kingdom Cause.

Thank you USAF Chaplain Michael Heuer, Navy Chaplain Shawn Osborne, Army Chaplain Brian Scott Kiefat, and Army Reserve Chaplain Gregory Solberg — thank you brother CLB ministers for all you do, for all your commitment and willingness to bear the Gospel in challenging settings to those protecting our nation! Thank you.

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