“You can’t read the Great Commission without concluding that we serve a SENDING God who intends for us to be a GOING people. This means we’re never to be satisfied with where we’ve already gone or what we’ve already built. Rather, in submission to his call we step out to new locations and plant and build new churches, never resting till his work is done. And as we go we go with confidence and peace of heart because we know that God rules everywhere we may go, he never sends us without going with us and he always empowers us to do what he sends us to do. This should, therefore, help us all consider financially supporting Fifth Act Church Planting and the CLBA synod as they pave the way for new CLBA churches to be planted in the cities where God is already waiting for us to meet the people he has prepared for us to meet who will come to know him.”

— Paul David Tripp

To support this initiative visit www.CLBA.org/giving (please be sure to fill in the blank next to General Ministries or North American Mission with the words ‘Urban Church Plant’) or send your gift to:

Church of the Lutheran Brethren
PO Box 655
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
Attn: Urban Church Plant

Central Region: Pastors Masters
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