NAM Director: Nick Mundis

On April 12, the Church of the Lutheran Brethren Council of Directors approved President Larson’s recommendation to call Rev. Nick Mundis as the Director of our newly restructured North American Mission department. He will begin his call on August 15, 2019.
Nick has served as the Senior Pastor of Oak Hill Church in Bloomington, Minnesota since 2003. His primary role as Director of North American Mission will be to advance the CLB disciple-making movement by resourcing congregational vitality.
That includes: 
  • Developing a strategic plan for disciple-making in the CLB
  • Partnering with CLB churches to advance congregational health and vitality
  • Administering resources and training opportunities in disciple-making models
  • Facilitating shared resources between pastors and congregations
“The Church has always been God’s way to create and grow His disciples. It is because of that truth I am so excited about my calling to this new position. Please join me in praying for God to ignite a fresh and consuming passion in our CLB congregations of North America. May God’s Spirit and His Word drive our vision, plans and actions to more effectively become Disciple-making Disciples.”
– Rev. Nick Mundis

NAM Associate Director: Ryan Nilsen

Together, President Larson and Director Mundis chose Dr. Ryan Nilsen to serve as North American Mission’s Associate Director. He will begin his call on September 1, 2019.
Ryan has served as the lead pastor of Praise Christian Fellowship in Barkhamsted, Connecticut since 2007. He is the Director of Fifth Act Church Planting and serves as a member of a CLB church planting cluster called Cultivate New England. Ryan has a Doctor of Ministry degree in Church and Parachurch Executive Leadership from Denver Seminary and has extensively studied the topic of church health—while serving as a consultant and coach for several CLB congregations.
His primary responsibility as the Associate Director of North American Mission will be leading a new CLB initiative in congregational reproduction and church planting.
That includes: 
  • Energizing disciple-making congregations, clusters and regions for church planting
  • Identifying, recruiting, and equipping CLB church planters
  • Engaging youth and young adults in ownership of CLB theology and mission
  • Pursuing the goal of multiple CLB church plants in various forms each year
“North America is the third largest mission field in the world, and I am excited to see what can happen when we harness our CLB passion for global mission and apply it at home. I firmly believe that the CLB is greatly needed in the North American mission field. I’m excited to be a part of sending missionaries to plant new churches in the towns and cities of the US and Canada, and to help our established congregations become missionary outposts to their own communities. I’m passionate about supporting the success of our pastors and other ministry leaders.”
– Dr. Ryan Nilsen

OOP Associate for Ministry Support: Phil Heiser

This restructure takes much of the day-to-day operation responsibilities that formerly were handled by our Regional Pastors and moves it into the Office of the President.
That additional increase in workload required additional staff to help manage it. The restructure accounts for that by adding in the Office of the President the position of Associate for Ministry Support. 
Rev. Phil Heiser accepted this call. He transitioned from his role as Pacific Regional Pastor to Associate for Ministry Support on July 1, 2019.
Associate for Ministry Support: 
  • Engaging Ministers of the Gospel with support for ministry health and effectiveness
  • Assisting Congregations and Pastors during transitional periods 
  • Shaping and overseeing a tiered model of care and self-accountability
  • Training and guiding pastors and congregations in reconciliation ministry
“I’m excited to continue developing the decade-long investment from our Regional Pastors in providing quality care and support to our pastors and congregations! Healthy pastors and churches today, lead to revitalized and reproducing churches tomorrow. I look forward to seeing all the ways God is going to provide for our pastors and bless our congregations as we seek to grow as a disciple-making movement.”
– Rev. Phil Heiser