SWEET Retreat 2014

SWEET Retreat 2014

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!” Each year, women support Women’s Ministries projects. Here are updates and thanks from the past few months.

From Marybeth Nordtvedt (HELP ministry):

HELP! It can be a desperate cry or a quiet word or deed of encouragement. We’ve all been on both sides of giving and receiving help.

Women’s Ministries of the CLB maintains a fund to HELP our overseas missionaries as they transition between cultures. HELP (Household Equipment Linen Project) gives a gift of money to each missionary when they first go overseas and when they return on home assignment. The gift amount varies by number of family members and length of term overseas. It is more in the category of encouragement than in meeting a desperate need, but here are the heartfelt sentiments of one of our missionaries:

“Thank you so much for your gift to our family. We have felt very blessed to have such a great support system in the body of Christ as we wade through this mire of transition. We are humbled and very appreciative of your gift, your prayers and your encouragement. Blessings!”

Would you or your group like to bless our missionaries? The HELP ministry is funded by contributions from women’s ministry groups, mission committees, small groups and individuals. Send your gifts to:

Joy Mathiesen,
1421 Highway Terrace
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

From Gudrun Boe, SWEET Retreat Committee: The SWEET Retreat (Seminary Women Encouraging Equipping and Training retreat) is possible each fall because of you!

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank you all for your continued support of our Seminary Women’s Retreat! Some of our seminary women  have expressed what this means to them:

“My husband is a distance education student on Skype. Coming here I have been able to meet seminary wives and be encouraged in my faith as a pastor’s wife. Thank you for providing the way!”

“Your investment in this aspect of our lives is just that—an investment. The blessing you’ve given us has resulted in a wonderful time of fellowship. It has reminded me of the great love of the amazing God we serve! Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!”

“I knew it would be a good time of fellowship, but Julie Militzer’s message had some strong convictions for me. I appreciate being challenged in my walk with the Lord in a personal way.”

“This retreat also was a great time to get away from the bustle of life and find time to be restored and rejuvenated. You are all truly a blessing. Thank you!”

WMCLB Focus Project:

We continue to support Guinebor II Hospital, in Chad, with finances, and by sending infant clothing (more at WMCLB.com). Thank you for showing your love for Jesus by sharing your resources!

Cheryl Olsen is the Faith & Fellowship correspondent for Women’s Ministries of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren.

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