Fergus Falls, MN – President Paul Larson

On December 14th, at Good Shepherd LBC in Fergus Falls, I listened and watched as our co-workers, Joel & Marybeth Nordtvedt, talked about the new mission God was calling them into — ministering to international students in university settings in the greater Phoenix area. There was clear passion and resolve as Marybeth and Joel talked about the new challenges and opportunities ahead of them. This mission matches them so well at this time and place of life! I watched as Pastor Mark Tungseth and other leaders of the church laid affirming hands on the Nordtvedts and prayed over them, giving them and seeking God for this new work. Dr/ Missionary/ President/ Pastor Joel & Marybeth have been such a constant blessing to our Church body and contributors to the Cause. Joel up until a few months ago was my pastor in the central region. We will miss them in FF. But I feel confirmed and confident they are in the place God wants them now. I invite you to pray for Marybeth and Joel; perhaps pray whether you might have part in sharing / supporting this new mission, which informally but certainly is an extension of our own. Godspeed Nordtvedts.

Frustol Installed as Elder
Bethel LBC