5th Sunday After Pentecost (Series B)
June 24, 2018icon-download-pdf-wp

Gospel: Mark 4:35-41
Epistle: 2 Cor. 6:1-13
Lesson: Job 38:1-11
Psalm: Psalm 124

The New International Commentary: William L. Lane

The question of what was involved in the muzzling of the storm cannot be avoided. The God of Israel is the Lord of history and nature. His sovereignty was demonstrated in the stilling of the roaring sea and the silencing of the howling wind.

He is the personal, living God who intervenes in the experience of men with a revelation of his power and his will. He is the God who acts, not some pale abstraction.

Through the expression of his word salvation is accomplished for men. When he chooses to reveal himself the forces of nature must submit to his will. This was never more evident than in the Exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea, but it is also evident in the subduing of the wind and the sea. In the same manner the Son of God threatened and subdued the forces which “spend themselves as forces of will in the elemental fury of nature.” The cosmic overtones in the Gospel account must not be missed. Mark has underlined them by a careful choice of terminology which recalls Jesus’ encounter with the demons: Jesus rebuked the wind; the sea is enjoined to obey with the command “Silence, be muzzled” the wind subsides and the sea obeys with the result that great calmness ensues. Jesus addressed the raging storm as a “force” threatening him and his disciples. The force of the sea was muzzled as Jesus subdued it with his sovereign word of authority.

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