The Eastern Region of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren is a group of congregations in the states of Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Our Eastern Region was birthed from the flow of immigrants from Norway in the early 1900’s. It was spiritually formed by the intermission spiritual movement that included informal congregations that were “prayer houses,” evangelistic movements and especially foreign mission movements that were independent but affiliated with the Lutheran state church of Norway.

It began this way. In 1905 a group of believers in Brooklyn, NY organized a young people’s society named “Fredens Baand” (Bond of Peace). In 1912 eighteen members of this society formed the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Free Church, later to be popularly known as “59th Street Lutheran Church.” Together with the churches similarly organized in Staten Island and in Manhattan, the Eastern Region of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren began to form. Even until today, most of the congregations of the Eastern Region have been formed out of the immigrant flow that came through New York City.

Robert Overgaard
CLB President from 1986-2001

Eastern Regional Pastor

Phone: 860-485-4658
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Jesus: A Friend to Thieves

There are moments in Christian ministry when we are the recipients of our Lord’s special ministry to us. I preface my own such encounter with the Lord by referencing Matthew 25:39, “Lord, when did I see you in prison?” God’s call to ministry came to me in an unusual...

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“Who Do You Say I Am?”

The text message on my wife’s phone read, “God told me last night the kids are your punishment.” Danny was very upset and was using Jon and Jack’s autism to inflict pain. The words stung for a moment, like bumping an old injury. But the pain quickly turned to pity....

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Taking Up the Cross of Ministry

Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me" (Mark 8:34). Harsh words? Strong words, yes. But harsh words? Three former Lutheran Brethren Seminary students faced that question as they followed Christ into...

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Hurricane Irma

On September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma made its way past our city, Cape Coral, Florida. The damage here was less than expected, but neighboring communities were hit hard. Irma was the seventh most intense hurricane to hit the United States mainland. (Hurricane Charlie...

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YC17: Break Every Chain

I love being part of the CLB Youth Convention. The first day might be my favorite as everyone starts to ascend upon Estes Park, Colorado. Leaders come in and register their students. Group by group, student by student, the chairs start to fill up in the auditorium....

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YC17: We Need It

There were heavy sighs resounding around me as we learned that once again, there had been a mistake with our hotel rooms. After a twenty-minute wait, we dragged our over-packed suitcases down the hall and flopped onto our beds, dropping our things into a heap on the...

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YC17: Why We Do It

Why do we do it? Why does the Church of the Lutheran Brethren—you!—invest time and money into a national convention for youth? As the Regional Pastor representing the work of North American Mission with the Youth Convention (YC), I needed to answer that. Is it worth...

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LBS 2017 Graduates KRISTIAN ANDERSON: Kristian grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Sayville, NY during his junior year of high school and graduated from Sayville High School. He went on to study History and Political Science at Wagner College, and then...

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A Big Story

Anna Cameron is nearing the end of her freshman year at Wheaton College, a Christian school in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, Illinois. Her hometown is Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania. Anna presented the following testimony to her home congregation, Mount Bethel Lutheran...

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Be Still

A Hillcrest Lutheran Academy senior passed away in December following a battle with cancer. Hayley Filippini was loved by her classmates. Her testimony of the Lord’s providence in giving her peace during her journey left a significant imprint on those who knew her. In...

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