Central Region


The Central Region of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren consists of a group of 33 congregations in the states of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Our Central Region is where the CLB was formed in December of 1900 when five independent Lutheran congregations met in Milwaukee, WI to form a new denomination. These 5 churches in Minnesota and Wisconsin had a common bond flowing from their Lutheran theology, their Norwegian ethnicity and their strong commitment to evangelism and mission activity both in North America and internationally. The CLB’s first missionaries were sent to China just two years later in 1902.

As people were evangelized in the upper Midwest, new churches were formed and also intentionally planted so that the region has grown to its current size. The Central region is also home to the CLB denominational headquarters and seminary in Fergus Falls, MN and Inspiration Point Bible Camp in Clitheral, MN. Three of the largest CLB congregations are also located here in Moorhead, MN; Fergus Falls, MN and Eau Claire, WI.

The mission and heart of the churches in our region is to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ and serve the Lord and His Church as His Kingdom comes in the midst of a changing culture that is less and less acquainted with the Scriptures and the message of the Gospel.


Central Regional Pastor

Phone: 218-739-3336
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Be Still

A Hillcrest Lutheran Academy senior passed away in December following a battle with cancer. Hayley Filippini was loved by her classmates. Her testimony of the Lord’s providence in giving her peace during her journey left a significant imprint on those who knew her. In...

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Grace Alone: God’s Call to Chad

In March the Church of the Lutheran Brethren Council of Directors approved a plan to call Kay Asche as our next missionary to the women and children of an unreached people group in Chad. To learn more about the strategy visit: clba.org/sending-single-women God's Call...

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He Comes to Us

There’s a couple who live in the environs of Bergen, Norway. Anders and Anne Elisabeth. Last fall, they came to see Ruth and me at our home in Menomonie, Wisconsin. A couple of years previous, they had come to our house in Fergus Falls, Minnesota for an evening with...

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2016-17 Fiscal Year End Update

Dear CLB Partner in Ministry, We come to the end of our fiscal year this weekend, and I am both grateful and hopeful for the mission of the Gospel which God has entrusted to us. I am grateful that God has deposited in us a rich gift in our theology of grace and the...

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Big Talker

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them (Matthew 5:17). There once was a man who was being considered to head up a certain organization. When he came to interview with the board, the man...

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February 2017 Contribution Report

https://vimeo.com/202841191Hi, this is LaWayne Rogness, Director of Finance and Personnel for the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, and I would like to share with you this brief update on our 2016-17 contribution goals.We started our Fiscal Year in May of 2016 very...

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Here I Stand: Public Theology

The phrase public theology is one I have seen quite often lately. Now, to those of us who live in the Western world, such a phrase seems like an oxymoron. We’ve been told that religion and spirituality are private things, that there is a split between the sacred and...

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Here I Stand: Luther’s Legacy

It’s the 500th Anniversary year since Luther posted his 95 Theses. We’re going to be hearing a lot about Luther in our churches this year. What’s the big deal about Martin Luther? Martin Luther isn’t inspiring Harold Rust to move to Red Deer, Alberta to plant a...

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A Gift Received

In the 1990s, some marketing expert came up with the idea of purple sunscreen. In theory, purple sunscreen was a good idea. Before the color faded away, it allowed parents to easily see where the product had been applied and where more was needed. My wife and I...

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A Gift Lost?

Joseph and I sat in the exam room of the oncologist’s office that January day. It was a check-up after finishing his treatment for neuroblastoma ten months earlier. That had been quite a year, after discovering our beautiful, precocious two-year-old had metastatic...

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Contribution Report 10/14/2016

https://vimeo.com/187362173 Greetings from the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. It is indeed a privilege to come to you with an update on our finances. We were roughly $65,000 short of our anticipated goal at the end of August. That means we were 13% behind our goal...

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Nothing to Spare?

Last Spring I was in Omaha, Nebraska with my wife and our two little boys, Brycen (5) and Gavin (2). We were there to visit the Omaha Zoo... and a very good friend who had recently given birth to a little girl. On our second day in the city we made our way to the Old...

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