by Mark Johannesen

Should I watch the movie “Beware of Christians”?

Now, I thought I’d pass on my two cents (bullet style) about this movie because maybe you’ll stumble across it and wonder if it’s worth watching…

-First up, you need to know, its not a drama or anything like that….it’s a film with four college age students exploring, in a documentary-style film, what it means to be a “Christian” and their aim is to speak to the thought that many have that it’s a mere religion. Their intent seems to be as honest with life as they can.

-As well, this isn’t your typical Christian movie company that put this together. It’s very indie and honest, and some might not want to hear “all” of the honesty in it or be mature enough for it, so consider your audience if you show this and preview it for yourself. (I don’t think I’ll offer this at any of my youth groups nor will I submit it for the library shelf at church BUT I know there are clips in it that I can use.)

-It speaks well to the legalistic teachings that many offer and how those teachings often misinform us.

-Early on it suggests that materialism and the suburban American lifestyle are not necessarily to be synonymous with being a follower of Jesus and later on in the film it points a finger at those who chase after a “prosperity gospel” which was great to hear.

-As they interviewed people who claimed to be Christians I found it interesting to see how “clueless” some really were about Christianity.

-They did a nice job (if you ask me) of portraying Christians as dealing with the same struggles as non-Christians, which I thought was a great strength because so often Christianity is sold as this thing for the already perfect people.

-If you’re looking for a movie free from “sucks” and a few other words as such, this isn’t it.

Allrighty…and now for the big finish…I know I have a use for this flick in my ministry setting but it’s probably best for me to use clips from it and probably my best audience is my HS students. It’s a real and honest look at the truths of Christianity and what really does matter and what so many outside of Jesus think we are about. I’d recommend that you preview it and figure out if there is a way you too could use this with your students. If anyone has ever wondered “is there more to Christianity?” then I think this movie could help them see that there is.

PS – I loved the guy in the red backpack and grey t-shirt that they interviewed on the street…..He nailed it.

2.75 for me

Rev. Mark Johannesen is pastor at Word of Life Lutheran Brethren Church in LeSueur, Minnesota.

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